Friday, May 22, 2015


 UPDATED July 24, 2017

The 2016 tour of Kashubia was a great success. But one year afterward, my poor liver is still screaming for mercy after all of the drinking I was compelled to do over the duration. I don't ever want to do this again, but Malgorzata insists that we have to do it again in 2018. I adored about 75% of the people who came along. If you are serious about wanting to go on a 2018 tour of Kashubia, you can find my contact information at if you don't, that is just fine too. I arrive through a window, I leave through a hole in the wall. - Joe

 UPDATED April 18, 2016

The registration for this summer's tour is now closed. A future tour is not out of the question, but I am not making any promises. You are still welcome to contact me at the email address below. Thanks for your interest. - Joe

A 10-day tour of the Kashubian region of Poland is being planned for June 27-July 08, 2016. Departure from the United States is scheduled for June 27, 2016. This tour is being designed especially for descendants of Kashubians who emigrated to Winona, MN - including those Kashubians who later moved from Winona to other locations in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. That said, this tour is open to one and all - whether one is Kashubian by descent, by marriage, or by choice.

The leaders of this tour will be Joe Hughes, Professor of Classics at Missouri State University (Springfield, Missouri) and Malgorzata Mazur, Certified Tour Guide (Gdansk, Poland). As of October 2015, the estimated cost for airfare, hotel, and in-country travel is $3,500. This estimate will be adjusted as plans for the trip proceed. Generally speaking, the cost will go down if more people decide to join the trip. And pedicab rides about town are very reasonable, as you can see from this picture of Malgorzata and me taking a pedicab from Sopot back to Gdansk.

At right you will find a list of pages which will (hopefully) answer your questions about the trip. Please contact Joe Hughes at with any further questions. Your input will help make this site become an even better resource.

The background picture was taken at Szwedzki Ostrów (birthplace of Joe's great-great grandfather Franciszek Pellowski) on July 11, 2013.

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